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On May 2, 2009, small group of 3 Indianapolis-area #YTB women decided to gather for unique conversation and healthy snacks at a River Gardens bed and breakfast in Muncie Indiana by the White River. They invited 3 more women: one who taught in Iraq, one who was a psychology expert at 9/11 Ground Zero, and a Yoga Expert all from Muncie IN. They invited 3 more women who were tired, stressed out, and needed an extreme release. And it was incredible by that river releasing all that bound their spirits, their intellects and their dreams.

 July 2009: Because of the experience of the 3 women (now 2, because one quit) two more men joined the Inner Wealth crusade...they called themselves "3RT" (Reed Reed Tanner & Reed). All tied by different directors in the same company: YTB International, pre-Zamzuu. The LLC was initiated and formed in the state of Indiana on August 31, 2009 between the co-founders. (Click Here for Co-founders' bios)

Oct 11, 2009: The first "WAKE UP CALL" for business minded people in a fog was called "Biz Myths and Truths" at the Hilton North in Indianapolis. Melissa Boston, level 3 mastermind of Team Vision, said she'd never seen anything like it. About 15 people came and 7 vendors yet she said it was the best thing she'd ever witnessed in an area that didn't seem to care. She promised to come back...

And 3RT got busy.

April 24, 2010: The First Spring Fling EXTREME National Leadership #BootCamp was born. National YTB Directors Nick Pagano, Rick & Brenda Reese, Von Nickleberry,  Jil Greene were rockin' along with others who helped to jumpstart this first-of-its calibre POSITIVELY INTENSE coaching event. Donald Bradley was very ill, and kept calling apologizing for not being there. We told Don, "you are more important than this meeting, get yourself well enough to be released from the hospital and take it easy. Don promised to be back...even though we didn't plan it, he wanted to come. . . .

So, here we go again.

Also, on that first event, co-ounder of ZAMZUU and YTB International Scott Tomer and his lovely wife, First Lady Lauri Tomer graced the event. Scott said he's never quite seen anything like it before, and he's been to a lot of bootcamps.

More than 11 states representing ZamZuu/YTB home based business professionals and other guests traveled to Indianapolis from as far away as Utah to the west and Washington DC (the District) from the east. About 70 people came....most from out of state. The results: Do it again! Ratings were 9 out of 10 saying again, "they never saw anything like it before."

November 2010. 3RT went BACK to work...this time to literally put a new flavor in everyone's ear!

SpringFling 2011 Theme:


 Eventbrite - 2012 SPRINGFLING EXTREME GLOBAL LEADERSHIP  BOOTCAMP, Indianapolis, Indiana (For a limited time, save 38% See Promo Code.)

SPECIAL SAVER'S NOTE: The word EXTREME is the 2012 DISCOUNT CODE for a dramatic early bird tuition reduction:
Much Success to you from Ken, Cyn, Deb and Steve

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