3RT Association LLC

Reach-Restore-Teach- Re-Discover


"Reach, Restore, Teach & ReDiscover"




Helping others find deeper meaning in:

Personal Life

Spiritual Life 


Business Life


Community Life 



As a first-class servant-minded professional development business team, The 3RT Association LLC strives to: 

1. Identify and reach out to like-minded individuals-- regardless of business or network affiliation

2. Share and exchange factual knowledge from a variety of credible resources in a personalized manner,

3. Encourage anyone who is willing to be mentored by ethical and moral millionaires who know what it is like to start at the bottom, and who don't mind bringing others to the top with them.


By collaborating with various business mindsets, ANYONE who has the desire to believe they can be coached to succeed can learn by example on how--with successes and even with failures--how they too can create a lifestyle not controlled by circumstance, but controlled by choice, teaching methods that have been successful in creating documented numerous six and seven figure incomes.


Many methods will include use of a proven system, one which is adaptable to any experience level. The end product after consistent application of which has been documented to produce out-of-the-ordinary, repetitive results.


Therefore, by equipping coachable people to reach beyond average expectations, they can choose to position themselves to be the better citizens and unsung leaders that our communities so desperately deserve.   

Some of the methods used to accomplish this mission include a series of entrepreneurial boot camps, seminars, focus groups, breakfast-lunch-dinner speaking engagements, social gatherings, group retreats, and workshops-at-sea.  Each business client will have their needs custom designed with the purpose of creating generational financial legacies for those let down by corporate America.

Create environment and support for far-reaching phenomenal and documented economic impact in the midst of what is now 

THE GREATEST ECONOMIC MARKET SHIFT to ever occur in the history of the world.


Office Contact Hours: 

Monday thru Thursday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern Time
9a.m. - 12 noon ET

Please Leave Message If Out of the Office on Business with best time to return your call.)

The price that you pay for success is far less

than the price that you pay for failure.

(Zig Ziglar said that!) 





  Kenneth W. Reed
Finance Director

Ken is Vice President of Finance and is from South Bend, Indiana. In 2008 he retired after 34 years of teaching, coaching, & mentoring in the physical education and health departments of the Muncie Community School System. Ken is a Ball State University graduate with two degrees; a master’s degree in educational administration and a bachelor’s in education. During the course of his career it is estimated that he impacted the lives of nearly 10,000 students from grades K-12.  Ken and his wife/business partner aka Cynthia Lewis), married for 35 years are co-founders of The R and L Group LLC, SpeedReedNews and the referral-only SpeedReedMedia. Their most famous merger produced  three adult children while boasting with a two-grandson residual result.

Ken is a YTB PowerTeam leader, a leadership bonus earner, and co-facilitator for ZamZuu Team Indy in addition to being part of the LinkedIn promotional network.His (and wife Cynth'ya--see last bio) upline directosr are Lucretia Daniel of Atlanta GA, supported by National Sales Director Juliet St. John of Costa Rica. 

Ken’s motto: “God put me on this earth and I’m going to inhale my share of oxygen. You don’t fail because you try. You fail because you don’t try!”



  Steven Reed

Program Director


Steve is Vice President of Program Development. Born in Chicago Illinois, Steve attended Southern Illinois University (Carbondale) and studied communications. He moved to Indianapolis in the late 1990’s. As former of Security for Lucas Oil Stadium and current ADT security consultant, Steve also has worked with the elite staff of an award winning Indianapolis security company serving the interests of private upscale homeowners.

As an active community volunteer Steve is a veteran officer of the Lawrence Lions Club (a suburb of Northeast Indianapolis) and founding CEO of Starting Pointe, a multi-faceted company that includes his YTB business ownership. Steve's immediate upline directors are Dave and Marlis Funk of Houston Texas, supported by National Sales Director Juliet St. John of Costa Rica.


Steve’s motto: “Live Life with Gusto!”


Debra Denton Tanner

 Administrative Director



Debra is Vice President of Administration. She is a native of Indianapolis and the CEO of DLTEnterprises LLC, (a multi-faceted company that also incorporates her ZamZuu business) Debra is an excellent multi-tasker and is on-point when it comes to being a talented author, evangelist, ordained elder, community volunteer, mentor & CCL University Graduate. She has obtained a number of certifications outside of travel. Among those certifications are Project Management from Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis, and Business Administration at Indiana Wesleyan University. Debra’s current pursuits include seminary studies. Her countless certifications include numerous commercial construction projects dating back to 1992.  In 2004-2005 Debra served on the prestigious Board of Directors of the National Association Women in Construction (NAWIC). Her most gratifying accomplishment is becoming only the second African American woman in 50 years to hold this position. Debra has three adult children and nine grandchildren. Her YTB upline director is Juliet St. John of Clearwater, FL, and her Power Team leaders are Darnell & Michele Arbet of Atlanta, Georgia. Debra's credentials can also found  LinkedIn  promotional network.

Debra’s motto:  Those who do a poor job of following the right instructions have no reason to complain about anything when they get the wrong results.


Cynth’ya Lewis Reed

 Communications Director

Cynth'ya is Vice President of Communications. Born in Anderson, Indiana (suburb of Indianapolis), she attended Ball State University and obtained a B.A. degree in Health Science and a M.A. in Journalism & Public Relations. Cynth’ya has worked side by side with local, regional, state and national organizations and news groups since 1982 as a freelancer, and for over 10 years with the Muncie Times, first female black-owned newspaper. For two years she was a lead lifestyle writer with Sophisticated Groom, an Atlanta-based wedding planners consumer magazine; and also worked on an online newsletter for PowerTalkFM.com (currently known as Mike Ray Studios of Atlanta) which is how she and her husband were introduced to their YTB & ZamZuu sponsor Kevin Vaughan, an engineer of Kennesaw, Georgia host and producer of Christian advocacy blog radio titled "Men Let's Talk" As a non-traditional grad student with 3 children and a husband, she even had her own pilot talk show in college she created as part of her internship in the graduate public relations program at Ball State University BEFORE Oprah.

Cynth'ya also served in a national leadership capacity for five years on contract as one of 11 Associate Regional Directors for the Governor’s Commission for Drug Free Indiana via the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute  serving under former 1989 Governor (now Senator) Evan Bayh; served on a media campaign panel with the Governor's Council on Impaired and Dangerous Driving; planned a state-wide Governor's Commission youth convention; served as a camp youth counselor with Indiana Youth Institute at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana; served as an acting consultant with the Federal U.S. Office of Drug Control Policy.  Her territory covered numerous community branches of government, education and law enforcement in 11 Indiana counties. In 2003 Cynth'ya narrowly missed being elected to the Muncie Community School Corportaion school board by approximately  200 votes while working in office of College of Communication and Information Services at Ball State University where David Letterman was a graduate.

Ever since 2001 she embraced a passion she's held onto since the mid-1980s--being an independent freelance feature news paper and magazine writer. Her first entrepreneurial experience involved service creating her own "job from home" confidence consulting & resume make-overs when she could not find a job in her city (they say she was "overqualifed) but she sees that as a blessing from God.

Part of her passion involves  writing and performing spoken word poetry where she was invited to perform a unique project before an audience of 3,000 people at the University of Louisville for Domestic Violence Awareness Week for the PEACC (Prevention Education and Advocacy for Campus & Community). Poetically speaking, Cynth'ya has been a member of  AuthorsDen (aka  CynthyaReed.com). since Nov. 2004.

She eventually was hired as an adjunct professor in the Department of Humanities teaching public speaking at Indiana University East  in Richmond, Indiana, and also  Ivy Tech Community College on the Richmond & East Central campuses. Cynth'ya's also been active in the past as an actress in 3 community plays with the Middletown Arts Project, serving as secretary for one year. 

Cynth’ya’s motto: “No one can sleep under stress. Teamwork makes life easier.”





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